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Welcome to Valerie Mitchell’s food blog!

I live in Silverado Canyon (Orange County). My food adventures take me throughout the United States and abroad.

I’m a mom who likes to cook, eat at restaurants and attend cooking classes and other foodie activities. I am a vegetarian. My college student “kids” are not.

My family is adventurous – always happy to try new foods at home and when we’re dining out. I shop regularly at the wonderful assortment of ethnic markets we have here in SoCal and am always happy to try out new-to-me restaurants. We have a garden, fruit trees and some chickens.

You’ll also find me blogging on my other websites, MamaLikesThis.com and ValerieWasHere.com.

Please contact me with any food related opportunities –  recipe creation, restaurant and product reviews, classes, events and travel.

Thanks for stopping by!

Valerie Mitchell


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