Saving Money on My Kitchen Wish List



Do you have a wish list for kitchen gadgets, tools, appliances and accessories? I do!

I get ideas for purchases when I’m working in the kitchen, surfing the internet or watching a TV cooking show. There are some things that I’ll purchase on a whim. For other things, I wait. We’ve all bought impulse items that end up as clutter instead of as the fun kitchen helper we thought it would be. Cost is also a factor. Whether something is a “want” or a “need,” I like to spend my money wisely.

My favorite place to shop is at home on my laptop. It’s a big time saver and makes it easier to get a good deal and avoid the emotional impulse buys. I can see what’s available at multiple stores (Bed, Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, Amazon and others). I can also check out reviews to make sure I’m buying a quality product that meets my needs.

There is one more thing that I can do to help me save even more. I check out Groupon to see what coupons, discounts and bonus offers are currently being offered at the stores I like. I can do this without logging into my Groupon account and don’t need to purchase anything directly from Groupon to get these coupons. I just need to check out their website before buying something elsewhere. This only takes a moment and can save me a little or a lot. Savings of any size are always welcome!

Have you looked at Groupon Coupons? I especially like that users can rate the coupons and add helpful tips.

Click HERE for Groupon’s list of coupons, deals and offers for Bed Bath and Beyond. While you are there, check out the other store coupons that are available. It’s great to have a one website with so many store coupons!

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  1. Jeffrey
    May 2, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    Love using for shopping.

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