Cheesy Salmon Rolls

salmon rolls

Cheesy Salmon Rolls Ingredients: 1 Can Salmon 1 T Mayonaise (or substitute) Chopped Cilantro Lime Juice (1/2 of a small lime, or equivalent) 6 Rolls (sliced in half) Shredded Cheddar Jack Cheese Fresh Parmesan Instructions: Mix salmon, mayonaise, cilantro and…

Fried Queso Fresco with Salsa

fried queso fresco

Fried Queso Freso with Salsa Ingredients Queso Fresco (aka Queso Blanco) Oil * Salsa * Instructions Heat small amount of oil in pan Add sliced queso fresco to hot oil Remove from pan when browned to your liking Top with…

Fried Plantains Recipe

fried plantains

This is a quick and easy snack or side dish. I like them with a little salt. You can also pour maple syrup on them for a sweet treat. Fried Plantains Ingredients: Plantain Coconut Oil Salt Instructions: 1) Heat coconut…