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Easy Maple Roasted Carrots

Easy Maple Roasted Carrots

Maple and carrots were made for each other! The natural sweetness of these two flavors work together well, especially when roasted. Maple roasted carrots are really easy to make. It only takes a couple minutes of prep time to cut…

Easy Agave Pancake Mix Cookies

Agave Pancake Mix Cookies

Pancake mix can be used for a whole lot more than just pancakes! Here is a quick and easy recipe for cookies using Madhava Flip for Flapjacks Pancake Mix. It’s got whole grain goodness inside and is USDA Certified Organic…

Maple Overnight Oats

Maple Syrup Overnight Oats

This tasty oatmeal only takes a few minutes to prepare. Then I pop it in the refrigerator overnight and breakfast is ready when I get up in the morning. Whether you’re rushing off to work or school, it’s always nice…