Green Dragon Apples

Green Dragon Apples

Have you ever tried a Green Dragon Apple?

Thank you, Melissa’s Produce for introducing me to this uniquely delicious fruit!

Green Dragons are a hybrid that is grown in the US in Hood River, Oregon. The apples made their first appearance in Japan in about 1920. They are a cross between a Japanese Orin (“The King of Apples”) and a Golden Delicious. The name Green Dragon comes from the Chinese symbol for royalty. This fruit is special!

They look like apples with speckled medium green skin. They are crisp, juicy and packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. Inside, the flavor and texture are more like an Asian Pear. Outside, they look and feel like an apple. The combination is wonderful!

I always enjoy eating fruit and cheese together. The Green Dragon Apples are great with brie or another mild tasting cheese. It’s nice to have the burst of flavor from the apples with a smooth tasting cheese.

Green Dragon Apples


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