Frog Egg Lemonade for Halloween

Frog Egg Lemonade #FreakyFruit


Halloween will soon be here and now is the perfect time to enjoy some nice, refreshing Frog Egg Lemonade. It’s a wonderfully creepy beverage that looks like a witch’s Halloween brew, but tastes great.

There are no actual frog eggs in it, of course. It’s a simple combination of lemonade and passion fruit. You can make homemade lemonade, if you’d like, but it also works well with store bought lemonade. – the real stuff, not artificially flavored. Passion fruit and lemon go well together.

My family knew exactly what it was, but others who aren’t familiar with this exotic fruit may not be able to figure it out. According to my son’s friend “It looks disgusting. I have no idea what it is, but it tastes delicious.”  That is exactly the type of beverage I was aiming for.

Frog Egg Lemonade


Passion Fruit


Pour lemonade into a glass, cauldron or punch bowl.

Scoop in fresh passion fruit – no need to stir or mix.

Melissa’s Produce has a fun selection of exotic fruit that you can get creative with this Halloween. You’ll find other fun ideas when you search online using #FreakyFruit .

Passion Fruit

Frog Egg Lemonade for Halloween - Thank you Melissa's Produce for the #FreakyFruit